Ten years ago, I started working out with Carol Boruch with achy knees, painful hips, and chronic tennis elbows. Working out twice a week has improved my strength, flexibility, and balance IMMENSELY. Carol customizes each workout to your body and specifics(ability, health conditions, injuries). She helped with my physical rehabilitation of a torn rotator cuff and back problems. Carol is constantly monitoring your form, so you don’t incur any injuries during the workout. On top of it all, Carol Boruch is an amazing motivator.

– Patty Leach

Working out with Carol has allowed me to reach a greater level of fitness than I ever thought possible. She seems to know when I have “just one more” in me better than I do. Carol takes the time to understand me, and this allows me to push beyond what even I think is possible. Sometimes just a little encouragement or support can mean a lot. With Carol at my side I am able to push my body past my comfort zone knowing that she has confidence that I can do it. I had become complacent in my exercise routine and started working with Carol to shake things up. Very soon afterwards she was pushing my fitness to the next level and my progress has gone through the roof!

– Laura Davy

I have been working out with Carol for 8 years now!! Each workout is a different challenge! I have spinal stenosis and have been able to be active playing tennis, skiing, hiking and just enjoying being pain free-thanks to Carol! I think strength and balance training are going to be my key to aging gracefully! She is very knowledgeable and motivating. I am a fan and would recommend her to anyone!!!

– Rose Wettstein

Carol Boruch has been my personal trainer at the YMCA for a little over two years. She has worked in particular with balance and flexibility issues and has been very good at adapting her training to my needs, abilities and tolerance – she has the experience, flexibility and knowledge to change the program as needed to achieve goals. She makes challenges palatable. She communicates well and her always positive attitude is a great asset to her teaching.

-John Ujda